NEWS: New Rogare paper collects essays on gender issues in the fundraising profession

In 2018, the fundraising think tank Rogare established a project team to explore gender issues in the fundraising profession. The project has two phases. 

Phase 1 was to clarify the what the issues are and our understanding of them. We completed this in 2019 with a series of long-read blogs on Critical Fundraising.

Phase 2 is to build on Phase 1 by laying out a road map of solutions to the challenges our profession faces based on Lean Out Feminism.

Today we are republishing the Phase 1 blogs in a single standalone paper, which is available from the Rogare website, either on our Gender Issue project page or our publications page.

The full list of essays in the new Rogare publication are:

  1. Terminology 101 – an introduction to the key concepts of: Gender, gender discrimination, sexism, sexual harassment, intersectionality, the patriarchy, and privilege.
  2. Sexual harassment and violence in the fundraising profession, by Caoileann Appleby
  3. The career path of a female fundraiser, by Ruth Smyth
  4. Why are women under-represented in leadership roles?, by Heather Hill
  5. Lean In or Lean Out Feminism?, by Ruby Bayley
  6. A roadmap for structural change, by Ian MacQuillin

Rogare director Ian MacQuillin says:

“In going back over these blogs to re-edit them for this new format, I’d forgotten just how good they are. Presenting them in single collected volume this way will ensure they are more easily assimilated into fundraising’s permanent body of knowledge, as well serving as the foundation for our next phase.

“I’d like to than Caoileann Appleby for so ably leading Phase 1 of our project and to Rogare Associate Member Ask Direct for support this phase and seconding Caoileann to us for some of her time to run it. And of course Ruth, Heather and Ruby, who put in so much time and effort to write such thorough and well-researched essays.”

Caoileann Appleby of Rogare Associate Member Ask Direct, who led Phase 1 of the project.

The authors for Phase 1 were:

  • Caoileann Appleby – strategy director, Ask Direct (Ireland).
  • Ruby Bayley – strategic research and projects manager (fundraising strategy and innovation), British Red Cross (UK). 
  • Heather Hill ­– executive director, Chapel & York US Foundation/Rogare (USA). 
  • Ruth Smyth – planning and insight director, Boldlight/Rogare (UK).

The project team for Phase 2, which is led by Rogare chair Heather Hill, held its first meeting at the end of February and aims to publish its ideas towards the end of the 2022 Northern summer.

The Phase 2 (Lean Out Roadmap) project team also comprises:

Phase 1 of the Rogare project on gender issues in fundraising was supported by Ask Direct.

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