NEWS: Major review of global fundraising self-regulation published

Rethink systems of accountability to be more accountable to beneficiaries Adhere to the five principles of good regulation Explore how models of regulating a common pool resource could be more widely applied beyond just face-to-face fundraising.

NEWS: Self-regulation should be reformed on advertising industry model

Plymouth University’s Centre for Sustainable Philanthropy (CSP) and its think tank Rogare have called for the formation of a totally new body to write, maintain and own fundraising’s professional standards.

OPINION: A once-in-a-decade opportunity to give self-regulation some ‘bite’

Plans to introduce lay members to the Institute of Fundraising’s standards committee are mere tinkering. Adrian Sargeant calls for a wholesale review of fundraising self-regulation and the creation of a new sector body to own fundraising’s professional standards.

OPINION: How the Olive Cooke tragedy affects fundraising ethics and self-regulation

The tragic suicide of Olive Cooke obviously has implications for fundraising ethics. Ian MacQuillin digs below the media hysteria to indentify what the real issues are, and suggest how the fundraising profession should respond.

NEW IDEAS: Radically rethinking fundraising regulation to include duties to beneficiaries

Around the world, fundraising regulators focus their activities almost exclusively on acting in the interests of donors. Ian MacQuillin describes the change in regulatory philosophy that’s needed to bring beneficiaries into the frame.

NEW IDEAS: How to put beneficiaries first, without throwing donors out with the bathwater

How can fundraisers reconcile the tensions between serving the needs of their donors and beneficiaries? Ian MacQuillin describes a new way to envision the role of fundraising within an organisation that might do the trick.

OPINION: Fundraising regulation owes more than lip services to the rights of beneficiaries

Ian MacQuillin responds to the Fundraising Regulator’s critique of his and Adrian Sargeant’s recent ideas on fundraising ethics and regulation

NEWS: Fundraising needs to professionalise for the sake of future generations of fundraisers

Fundraising falls short of being a ‘profession’ assessed against usual criteria Lack of professional status leads to lack of respect from peers Formal entry route into fundraising needed.

NEW IDEAS: The donor is always right, part 2 – does it lead to donor correctness gone mad?

If it’s beneficiaries, rather than donors, who are actually charities’ ‘consumers’, Ian MacQuillin asks if this changes how fundraising ought to be regulated.