OPINION: If the FPS is forced on the sector, charities should walk away from ‘self’-regulation

If the new Fundraising Regulator is bent on imposing damaging and impractical rules, David Pearce argues that its charities’ duty to walk away from self-regulation

NEW IDEAS: The ideological attack on fundraising, Part 3 – Why we need an ideological defence

In the third and final part of his exploration of the attacks on fundraising, Ian MacQuillin argues that the ideological narrative the profession needs to defend itself is undermined by anti-fundraising attitudes in its midst.

OPINION: Where is the voice of the beneficiary?

The current debate about charity regulation is progressing without listening to the voices of one of its most important stakeholders. Zoë Bunter asks why no-one is considering what the effect will be on beneficiaries.

OPINION: Shame on those who are supporting the Fundraising Preference Service

The fundraising sector’s response to the proposed Fundraising Preference service has been ‘pathetically’ limp. Adrian Sargeant says all those who are endorsing it without any evidence that it is needed should feel ashamed.

NEWS: Largest survey of donors finds massive levels of trust and satisfaction

The largest survey of donors and lapsed donors ever conducted in the United Kingdom has found high levels of trust in charities and high levels of satisfaction with the service donors receive. Topline figures from the research – conducted by the Centre for Sustainable Philanthropy (CSP) and consultancy About Loyalty, and presented for the first … Continue reading NEWS: Largest survey of donors finds massive levels of trust and satisfaction

OPINION: The groundbreaking opportunity awaiting the new Fundraising Regulator

While the FRSB can consider itself hard done by in Sir Stuart Etherington’s review, Ian MacQuillin says the new Fundraising Regulatory can learn from FRSB’s failings to create the world’s first bespoke model of fundraising regulation.

OPINION: For beneficiaries’ sakes, don’t allow people to opt out of even being asked to help them

Sir Stuart Etherington’s review, published today, recommends allowing donors to opt out en masse from being asked to make a donation. Ian MacQuillin, rather unsurprisingly, thinks this is a bad idea.

NEW IDEAS: The fundraising commons – not quite the tragedy we might think

How do we prevent chronic over-fundraising leading to a tragedy of the commons in donor recruitment? Ian MacQuillin believes the solution has bee around for the past 15 years.