NEWS: Bluefrog and Rapidata are fundraising think tank’s first Associate Members

Creative agency Bluefrog and regular giving specialist Rapidata have become fundraising think tank Rogare’s first associate members – suppliers to the fundraising sector who share Rogare’s ‘Critical Fundraising’ ethos and vision for how fundraising needs to meet the challenges confronting it.

Associate Members assist Rogare in identifying areas of research and plan the publications, events and other outputs that will bring this research to the attention of the fundraising practitioner community.

Ian MacQuillin, Rogare’s director, says: “Associate Members are not just passive sponsors, they are genuine, active partners in delivering our research programme. We have ambitious plans to change the way fundraising rises to overcome the challenges it faces. The first step in this process is to critically evaluate and question what we currently know, or think we know, about fundraising.

“That’s why I’m delighted to welcome two organisations that are led by people with just this critical mindset.” Scott Gray, managing director of Rapidata, says:

“It seems strange to say this, but not all charities are yet maximising the value of their regular giving. I believe our annual benchmarking report that tracks cancellation cycles and regular giving trends will continue to help understand why this might be, and I hope our association with Rogare will focus attention on how charities can make the most of Direct Debit, build loyalty and improve retention.”

Screen Shot 2015-01-02 at 14.59.15

Scott Gray (below left) and Mark Philips (below right), md of Bluefrog, will join Rogare’s advisory panel of senior and emerging sector thinkers. Rogare plans to limit to six the number of Associate Members supporting us at any one time and is currently talking to seven fundraising suppliers who are considering Associate Membership.

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