NEWS: Telephone agency Ethicall becomes Rogare’s fourth Associate Member

Bristol-based telephone fundraising agency Ethicall is the latest fundraising specialist to become an Associate Member of the fundraising think tank Rogare.

Associate Members are suppliers to the fundraising sector who share Rogare’s ‘Critical Fundraising’ ethos. Associate Members will assist Rogare in identifying areas of research and plan the publications, events and other outputs that will bring this research to the attention of the fundraisers.

Ethicall managing director Cristy Cunnick says:

Cristy Cunnick small

“We are honoured to be joining Rogare as an Associate Member at a time of significant challenge in our industry. The decisions that are made over the coming months’ will impact many, from charities to service providers such as Ethicall. But, most importantly, it impacts those who give to charities and those who benefit from them.

“For their sake, it is vital that decisions on best practice, regulation and policing are evidence-based, on academic research and critical thinking, instead of knee-jerk reactions to bad practice.”

Ian MacQuillin, Rogare’s director, says: “Rogare is all about critical thinking and ensuring that the fundraising profession has the best evidence to support its decisions. Ethicall’s senior staff approach their work with just this mindset and I am looking forward to the contribution Ethicall will make to our work, particularly in the area of professional ethics and public perception.

“The role of telephone fundraising has leapt to the forefront of the debate about the ethics of contacting donors so it is particularly apposite to have Ethicall join us at this time.”

Cristy Cunnick and call centre director David Walwin will join Rogare’s advisory panel of senior and emerging sector thinkers.

Ethicall joins Rogare’s other Associate Members, creative agency Bluefrog, door-to-door agency HOME Fundraising, and regular giving specialist Rapidata. Rogare also has a research collaboration with Resource Alliance, which confers on Resource Alliance the privileges of Associate Membership.

Rogare plans to limit to six the number of Associate Members supporting us at any one time.

Rogare is in discussion with four organisations to fill the remaining two Associate Member slots.

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