NEWS: New members join Rogare’s Advisory Panel

Rogare, the fundraising think tank, is delighted to announce 30 new members of its Advisory Panel (see below for full list of new members).

They will serve on the panel for the academic years 2016-17 and 2017-18, with the option of a third year.

Almost half the new members come from the USA and Canada (and almost half of those are form arts organisations), reflecting Rogare’s objective to enlarge its ‘critical fundraising’ movement in North America. The number of North Americans now serving on the panel stands at 22, while the strength of the entire panel is 92 fundraisers from 11 countries.

North American members of the panel will be invited to discuss Rogare’s ideas and how they can help promote them at a retreat in Colorado Springs in November to be hosted fundraising agency Pursuant, Rogare’s lead Associate Member for North America.

Curt Swindoll, executive vice president for strategy at Pursuant, says:


“As the lead sponsors of Rogare in North America, the team at Pursuant is excited about the quality of the people who have been invited to be a part of this initial panel. Rogare has conducted outstanding research in the world of fundraising, and we are excited to see this movement launch and focus some of Rogare’s efforts specifically to the challenge of fundraising in North America. Our first meeting in November promises to be a great time of vision casting and discussion around the direction of Rogare’s efforts in 2017 and beyond.”

New panel member Jennifer Brake, development officer at St Louis Public Radio in the USA, says of her new role:

J Brake headshot

“The day-to-day rigor of fundraising too often crowds out the space necessary to think about the larger picture, leaving practitioners scrambling to improve their existing efforts without truly considering whether those efforts make the most efficient and ethical use of limited resources. The academic and research arm of the non-profit sector is doing important big-think work, but lacks the ability to put its research findings into direct practice. As a member of the Rogare Advisory Panel I am eager to help bridge that gap and promote more intentional and strategic fundraising decisions.”


Another new panel member Katharina Steinkellner, an Austrian who is head of philanthropy at the Science Museum Group in the UK, says:

“Many practitioners lack a theoretical foundation that could provide guidance in decision-making but have the experience necessary to help academic research formulate guidelines and recommendations. The Rogare community facilitates the interaction and exchange that the fundraising profession so urgently requires in order to meet today’s needs of both donors and beneficiaries.”

Simon Scriver

And, Simon Scriver, head of fundraising at One in Four Ireland, adds:

“Our sector is certainly not running to its full potential. We are often held back by our own misconceptions, gaps in our knowledge, and our own lack of research. Collaboration on a global scale can only be a good thing. Challenging our own assumptions and asking difficult questions about fundraising isn’t easy. But the results and the practical ideas generated will have a huge, lasting impact on the work we do and the world around us.”

New members of Rogare’s Advisory Panel, 2016-18


  1. Pamela Barden, consultant, PJ Braden Inc
  2. Ashley Belanger, executive revolutionary, Rhode Island Urban Debate League
  3. Sterrin Bird, principal, Pacific Advancement Partners
  4. Jennifer Brake, development officer, St Louis Public Radio
  5. T. Clay Buck, annual fund director, The Smith Center for the Performing Arts
  6. Sandra Hijikata, senior vice president US development, JDRF International
  7. Cherian Koshy, director of development, Des Moines Performing Arts
  8. Abbi Leinwand Heggarty, director of development, Richmond CentreStage
  9. Barbara O’Reilly, principal, Windmill Hill Consulting
  10. Russell Pierce, senior director of funds development, Church World Service
  11. Carole Richard, director of development, Modesto Symphony Orchestra
  12. Dusty Rhodes, vice president and chief development officer, Hope for the Heart


  1. Rachel Beer, chief fundraiser, Excellent Development
  2. Paula Dixon, business psychologist, Hazon Consulting
  3. Lianne Howard Dace, innovation manager, Christian Aid
  4. James Long, director, Overstand
  5. David Pearce, director of fundraising and marketing, Dignity in Dying
  6. Ben Rymer, fundraising operations and research insight manager, Age UK
  7. George Shelton, Oxford Leadership (HCSP PhD student)
  8. Ruth Smyth, planning and insight director, BoldLight
  9. Katharina Steinkellner, head of philanthropy, Science Museum Group
  10. Emma Wright, direct marketing executive (retention), Save the Children


  1. Kyla Amrhein, regional director major gifts and planned giving, University of Alberta
  2. James Carroll, director supporter experience, World Vision Canada


  1. Guillermo de los Santos, regional head of market development – the Americas & South Africa, Save the Children International.


  1. Simon Scriver, head of fundraising, One in Four Ireland
  2. Colin Skehan, head of fundraising, Merchants Quay Ireland


  1. Simona Biancu, consultant, ENGAGEDin S.r.l.

New Zealand

  1. Carole French, fundraising and sponsorship, Auckland Zoo

South Africa

  1. Beth Oppenheim-Chan, associate director, Church World Service

View a list of all Advisory Panel members.

Recruitment to the panel will reopen for a month following the International Fundraising Congress organised by the Resource Alliance in the Netherlands from October 19-21.

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