KNOWLEDGE: Current threats and opportunities in global philanthropy and fundraising

The Critical Fundraising blog is rounding up blogs and news items detailing the threats and opportunities facing fundraising and philanthropy around the world. We will keep this blog refreshed, so please let us know in the comments section any blogs that should be included.

The campaign in the era of major political shifts

Alliance magazine

New Philanthropy Capital’s Shona Curvers explores the implications of global political shifts for philanthropists.

Choice quote:

“Is it a waste of money for philanthropists to invest in organisations who research and campaign on issues that are subject to the whims of a shifting political landscape?”

Nonprofits shut down as India cuts off funding

Alliance magazine

The Indian government is imposing strict controls on how nonprofits receive overseas donations. Consultant and academic Noreen Orlich looks at why this is happening.

Choice quote:

“Many see the issue as being a crackdown as part of a global wave of conservative governments acting to decrease the scope for civil society.”

Fundraisers in southern Africa facing tougher times

101 Fundraising

Sarah Scarth, The Resource Alliance’s southern Africa representative, outlines some of the issues facing fundraisers in southern Africa.

Choice quote:

“Today there are a mere handful of foreign missions still giving directly to non-profits in South Africa. This was a lucrative source of funding prior to 1994, but post the first democratic elections much foreign funding was changed to bilateral aid – going directly to government.”

What can British fundraisers learn from US ‘rage giving’?


The two weeks following Donald Trump’s inauguration have seen a burst of donations to nonprofits that stand in opposition to his new measures. Susie Hills of Graham Pelton Consulting looks at how to make ‘rage giving’ sustainable.

Choice quote:

“Philanthropy isn’t always soft, cuddly, and happy. Sometimes, it’s hard and edgy and full of anger.”

  • Inclusion in this digest does not indicate that Rogare agrees with any arguments presented, only that we thought they made a good argument.
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