KNOWLEDGE: Fundraising ethics – blogs

Rogare has collated a resource of blogs exploring various topics within fundraising ethics.

This will be a live page and we will update this as new blogs are written or existing blogs are brought to our attention.

This is not intended as a definitive collection of thoughts and ideas on fundraising ethics, as we can only collect what people have chosen to write about or what we are aware of.

This means that some important areas of fundraising ethics may well be missing from this collection (donors, for example, are currently absent from), but we will aim to fill those gaps by adding academic literature on fundraising ethics to this list in due course.

Click on the links below to access collections of blogs addressing these topics.

  1. Theories of fundraising ethics
  2. Beneficiaries
  3. Public trust
  4. Ethics of fundraising regulation
  5. Beneficiary framing
  6. Miscellaneous
    • Guilt
    • Overheads
    • Behavioural science
  • Please feel free to suggest blogs we might add either in this comments section or in the comments section on each page. Alternative, Tweet a link to the blog to @RogareFTT.

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