NEWS: Rogare publishes critical thinking guide for fundraisers

Today Rogare is relaunching our Critical Fundraising guide that provides processes for interpreting and understanding evidence.

Written by our Council members Cherian Koshy and Ashley Belanger, this short publication provides guidance on how to interpret and understand evidence in constructing, critiquing and criticising arguments, because as they say in the paper, “all arguments require proof”.

The guide is intended to:

  1. Support front line fundraisers in thinking more critically about what they’re reading and doing 
  2. Provide a decision-making framework to help fundraisers and fundraising teams make better strategic decisions 
  3. Help critical fundraisers craft winning arguments to convince their bosses to support the smart decisions they’ve made 
  4. Help fundraisers to better frame and advance the debates that affect their profession. 

To do this, Koshy and Belanger recommend a three-step process.

Step 1 – Understanding Evidence looks at what evidence is, the types of proofs evidence is used to support, and how and when fundraisers should use evidence when making decisions.

Step 2 – Testing Evidence provides questions fundraisers should ask of the evidence the find or are presented with.

Step 3 – Crafting and Critiquing Arguments sets out a process for building sound arguments, and critiquing the arguments of other (and indeed critically reflecting on your own arguments).

The guide is available in two versions – one for screen reading and another optimised for home/office printing.

Screen version –

Print version –

The guide has not been available since Rogare separated from Plymouth University in April 2019.

For more on how Rogare is developing the learning culture in fundraising, including our Theory of Change for fundraising, visit our website here.

Cherian Koshy
Ashley Belanger

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