KNOWLEDGE: Blog digest February 2015

Each month, the Critical Fundraising blog presents a digest of the best fundraising-related blogs and articles that have adopted a critical fundraising mode of thought.


Inclusive giving

Institute of Fundraising blog

IoF ceo Peter Lewis explains how the UK could learn from Canada’s ‘Inclusive Giving Project’.

Choice quote:

“Many causes cut across cultural divides. Mental health, cancer, homelessness are issues that affect and interest all communities, yet many charities still end up only approaching those communities they feel ‘comfortable’ asking for a gift.”


Why I’m not a fan of welcome packs

101 Fundraising

Expensive free gifts in donor acquisition packs are no longer considered ethical. Margaux Smith argues they have no place in welcome packs either.

Choice quote:

“This welcome pack did not accomplish what the charity should have been trying to do. I don’t feel personally appreciated, I don’t feel like I’ve made an impact right away, I don’t feel any closer to the organization.”


Shopping around: why charities shouldn’t always rely on commercial sector solutions

nfpSynergy blog

Michele Madden says trust matters in the voluntary sector in a way that it doesn’t in commerce.

Choice quote:

“If I buy food and I don’t like it, or it’s low quality, I’d throw it away and not go back. However, if I make a donation and then something happens to make me doubt it has been used well, I’d feel conned.”


Philanthropy must lead with its heart

Chronicle of Philanthropy

Jennifer and Peter Buffet, co-vice presidents of the NoVo foundation, describe their ‘alchemical’ approach philanthropy.

Choice quote:

“We’ve all seen money change behavior. What if behavior could change money? What if, by giving in ways that demonstrate our trust as opposed to control, the return would be honesty? And with that honesty would come deeper relationships.”


It’s not Jimmy Savile’s celebrity but the halo effect that let him get away with it

The Guardian

If you do good things, people assume you are a good person. Philosopher and board member of the Centre for Sustainable Philanthropy Julian Baggini says we must always be wary of the good that people do blinding us to their wrongdoing.

Choice quote:

“There is even some evidence that many of us act on the principle that every good deed earns us licence to do something bad.”

See Also: ‘Eco-waverers – when people feel good about themselves, they do bad things‘, in The Economist.


Non-publication of charities’ research

Giving Evidence

Charities produce masses of evidence about their effectiveness, but Caroline Fiennes suspects that much of it  is “ropey”, unclear, or you just can’t find it.

Choice quote:

“Charities evaluate themselves and use the results to raise funds. The system is so obviously flawed that when I spell it out at conferences – even of seasoned professionals in this sector – everybody laughs.”



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