NEWS: Survey reveals fundraisers’ attitudes to the Fundraising Preference Service

The results of Rogare’s survey of fundraisers’ opinions on proposed regulatory reform to fundraising, especially the provision of the Fundraising Preference Service, are now available to download.

The analysis was conducted by Profession Adrian Sargeant, director of the Centre for Sustainable Philanthropy.

Professor Sargeant says:

“It’s clear this is some disquiet in the fundraising community about the Fundraising Preference Service and what the profession’s response to it should be. So our main objective in conducting this research was to find out the extent and depth of that feeling and if fundraisers did think the FPS should be opposed, how that opposition might be organised.”

He adds: “Fundraisers now have access to our findings and it will be up to them, having told us what they feel and think, whether they choose to act on some of those thoughts and feelings.”

Download the report here.

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