NEWS: nfpSynergy and Rogare to provide fundraisers with forum to discuss FPS

Concerns that fundraisers’ fears about the Fundraising Preference Service (FPS) are not being adequately represented have led to research consultancy nfpSynergy and fundraising think tank Rogare to host a forum for fundraisers to express their views.

The open meeting ­– which will take place in central London on 15 December ­– will not feature formal speeches and presentations but will allow participants to explore various issues in small roundtable discussions.

Joe Saxton, driver of ideas at nfpSynergy, says:

Joe Saxton

“The Fundraising Preference Service is one of the biggest threats the charity sector has ever faced, and there are many problems with its implementation. This open meeting will allow fundraisers to discuss what they feel the issues are.

“But importantly, we want to find out the views of fundraisers who support the FPS. Those voices have been quiet until now.”

In Rogare’s recent survey into fundraisers’ attitudes to the FPS, 87 per cent of fundraisers said the Institute of Fundraising “did not speak for them” in relation to the FPS.

Rogare’s director Ian MacQuillin says:

“One of the main reasons we are staging this event is to broaden the discussion. It seems that many fundraisers feel their views on the FPS are not being adequately represented through the established channels.

“So one of the outcomes of this meeting might be to identify alternative ways for fundraisers to make their voices heard.”

Popular ideas identified in the recent Rogare survey included:

  • Persuade ceos and boards to speak up against the FPS
  • Enlist the support of advocates to make the case against the FPS
  • Form a group to oppose the FPS that would organize actions such as a letter-writing campaign to MPs
  • Establish a formal group to defend fundraising in the public domain, such as the Charity Defense Council in the USA.

Book your free place at the meeting here. Capacity will be limited to about 100 participants.

Read Joe Saxton’s blog on 20 challenges facing the Fundraising Preference Service.

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