KNOWLEDGE: Fundraising ethics blogs – beneficiaries

This is a list of blogs looking at how beneficiaries are considered in fundraising ethics.

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Beneficiaries – a neglected topic of fundraisers’ conversations

Institute of Fundraising

Rogare Advisory Panel member Adrian Salmon calls for a rethink about how fundraisers view their relationships with their beneficiaries.

Choice quote:

Beneficiary terms

“The liberal principle of ‘a nominal equality between free social agents’ fits the relationship between charity and donor much better than it does the idea of the relationship between charity and beneficiary. Perhaps that’s one reason why we as fundraisers find the former relationship so much easier to focus on.”

Where is the voice of the beneficiary?

Critical Fundraising

The current debate about charity regulation is progressing without listening to the voices of one of its most important stakeholders. Zoë Bunter asks why no-one is considering what the effect will be on beneficiaries.

Choice quote:

“Charity is a relationship – giver to receiver, receiver to giver. If one voice is missing then we do not have the complete picture.”

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