KNOWLEDGE: Fundraising ethics blogs – trust

This is a list of blogs looking at the role of trust in fundraising ethics.

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Trust me, I’m a fundraiser

Third Sector

The more sector bodies and regulators dabble in building public trust, the more it could actually lead donors to trust charities less, says Professor Stephen Lee.

Choice quote:

“Individual charities cannot take a sector-wide lead in promoting enhanced donor confidence. Instead they should focus on enhancing the confidence of their own donors by understanding and following the rules established for them by others.”

Charities need to focus on being trustworthy, not on trust – fundraising can lead the way

UK Fundraising

The charity sector needs to focus not on generic levels of trust, but on our organisations acting in a trustworthy way and showing evidence that we are trustworthy, argues Institute of Fundarising ceo Peter Lewis.

Choice quote:

“Charities have been making themselves more responsive their donors’ wishes and preferences. In doing so charities are demonstrating trustworthiness.”

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